Plasterboard Coving

Gyproc coving is the first choice when it comes to adding value to a home.

Traditional paper-faced plaster cove complements any room in any style of home. These high quality coves come in classic ‘C’ or sleek ‘S’ shape profiles, in 100mm profile for smaller rooms or 127mm and 135mm profiles for larger rooms or areas with higher ceilings.

Why choose paper-faced plaster cove?

  • Easy to cut and joint for corners
  • Less liable to handling damage than decorative cove
  • Hides cracks between wall and ceiling edges

Paper-faced plaster cove

Gyproc 100

Classic ‘C’ profile 100mm paper-faced plaster cove
Length: 3m

Gyproc 127

Classic ‘C’ profile 127mm paper-faced plaster cove
Length: 3, 3.6 or 4.2m

Gyproc Sculptured 135

Sleek ‘S’ profile 135mm paper-faced plaster cove
Length: 3m

Ceiling Roses

To reproduce the style and original features of yesteryear in period homes add an Artex plaster moulded ceiling rose.

Artex Heritage Georgian
Straight rope design for classic Georgian elegance
540mm (large)
380mm (small)

Artex Heritage Richmond
Timeless egg and dart design popular with Neo-classicists
530mm (large)
360mm (small)

Artex Heritage Cavendish
Floral pattern reflecting late Victorian design
360mm (small)

Artex Heritage Expression
Simple and elegant lines - a contemporary twist on Georgian design
360mm (small)