Plasterboard - Fixing to ceilings

The plasterboards should be properly supported with the fixings that you use (nails/screws etc). To minimise the chance of cracks appearing, you should avoid joints across the ceiling wherever possible. If a space is left between the nail head and the plasterboard, small parts of plasterboard the size of a nail head will fall off because of the ceiling vibrating at a later stage. Also, you have to be careful that the nail head does not go through the paper on the plasterboard because that would mean that plaster behind it would have been damaged, this can also cause loose plasterboard to fall. Damaging the plaster behind the nail head could also lead to the plasterboard falling off. While fixing plasterboards you also have to make sure that you do not nail too close to the edge of the board. A 2-5 mm gap should be left in between each board. Plasterboards should be fixed with either galvanised or zinc-plated nails or galvanised screws. Screws have a better fixing than nails and they also have a smaller chance of nail popping.