Beads For Plasterboard

There are 5 different beads for different used with plasterboard.

Skim coat beads

Thin coat beads are used for external angles with plasterboard that only need a finishing coat of 2-3mm. You can not level these beads. The beads are either nailed or screwed.

Plasterboard stop beads are used to create neat finishes that are strong .

Skim stop beads

Thin coat stop beads are made up of two stop beads that are back to back and have building paper on the underneath. Jointing mastic can be put between the beads and is a cheaper method of making a movement bead.

Movement beads

Movement beads are made specially for movement joints. The beads have a plastic strip over them that should be visible once plastered and they should cover the joint.

Plasterboard edging bead

Plasterboard edging beads protect the edge of the plasterboard. The edging beads are used with plasterboard 9.5mm or 12.5mm thick.