BostikCementone Stabilising Primer

Cementone Stabilising Primer

Bostik Plasterer's Stabilising Primer with Plasprime® Technology (formerly known as Cementone Plasterer’s Stabilising Primer) has been specially developed for the plastering professional. It primes and stabilises most interior surfaces, including previously plastered walls, prior to the application of new plaster. Bostik Plasterer's Stabilising Primer is green in colour for easy application and contains 20% recycled material. It can be applied over porous and non-porous areas to give a surface that dries evenly giving excellent adhesion and a faster, easier finish.

It has been specially developed for preparing old walls prior to re-skimming and can be applied over brick, blocks, concrete, plaster, plasterboard and render. It stabilises problem surfaces including: well adhered emulsion paint, wallpaper adhesive residues, old plaster/render, porous and non-porous surfaces.