British GypsumGyproc Habito

Gyproc Habito

12.5mm Gyproc Habito plasterboard features an engineered core which provides enhanced levels of strength, durability and fixability.

Gyproc Habito provides more strength than standard plasterboard, with a 5mm (no. 10) woodscrew capable of supporting 15kg without the need for specialist fixings or pattressing.

Its additional durability means walls are more resistant to damage and stay looking smarter for longer.

Occupants are able to fix heavy and difficult items such as shelves, curtain poles and TVs into place without any need for drills or specialist fixings; the strength of the board allows them to simply screw straight into the wall surface, making it ideal for residential properties.

Gyproc Habito reduces the need for pre-planned, pre-installed pattresing, which means that interiors can be redesigned time and time again, making it an ideal solution for retailers.