British GypsumGyproc Moisture Resistant

Moisture performance or moisture resistant plasterboard can be used in certain areas of buildings such as in a bathrooms. Moisture performance boards have a green face paper.

Gyproc Moisture Resistant

Gypsum plasterboard with water repellent additives in the core and paper liners. Gyproc Moisture Resistant consists of an aerated gypsum core with water repellent additives encased in, and firmly bonded strong paper liners. Gyproc Moisture Resistant is a plasterboard that is suitable for drylining internal surfaces.


Plastering should not normally be specified to Moisture Resistant and MR grade boards. These types of board are intended for use in environments of higher than
normal humidity for which no gypsum plaster is designed to be suitable. Where moisture resistant board options are used in shell and core construction to provide temporary resistance to high moisture conditions, they can be skimmed at a later
date after the building envelope has been made weather-tight. Plaster should be applied only to the face of moisture resistant boards and pre-treatment with ThistleBond-it is required.